Advertising Support for Local Business Owners

Does Advertising Ever Work? The answer is yes ... but only if it goes with the flow of human nature. If it doesn't ... then your money is mostly wasted.

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

You know it and I know it ... nearly all of the advertising we see around us every day bounces right off the heads of almost everyone out there.

The problem is ... people just don't care. Being on the receiving end of this constant barrage of advertising has made most of us so numb that we just tune it all out. 

So, how can a business owner, who wants to grow his or her bottom line, break through this tough psychological barrier and get people to pay attention?  

The stakes are high.

There is a lot of money on the table here, so the stakes are high. What you say in your advertising determines the fate of your entire advertising budget.

Every check you write is a gamble. Will your ads work this time, or will your budget go up in smoke? The whole thing can be very frustrating ... and stressful.

Think about your own ads for a minute ... do they instantly engage your audience and motivate them to take the next step ... or are you paying good money just to get your name out there?  

Is this the answer? I think it is. 

Advertising genius, Howard Luck Gossage, expressed what I think is the key to solving this huge challenge. Here's what he said:

"People don't read ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it's an ad."

When I first read this, the old light bulb lit up ... big time. My next thought was ... "How can I convert this brilliant insight into a workable plan ... one that's simple and easy to implement ... and delivers immediate results?"  

Simple, yet so powerful ...

Luckily, there is an answer. It's a fundamentally simple technique that gets human nature working for you instead of against you. More specifically, it puts one of the most powerful forces in nature on your side.

It's all explained in a tutorial I wrote specifically to help local business owners get maximum bang for their buck with their advertising budgets. It's called, How Advertising Works and, in it, you will learn ...

  • What a "tombstone" ad is and why the results are so dismal;  
  • What a direct-response ad is and why the results are so much better;  
  • What the Deadly Information Gap is and how to eliminate it;  
  • Exactly what to say and why in every ad you create;  
  • How to answer the age-old audience question: "What's in this for me?"  
  • How to get even mildly-interested people to respond to every ad you run; and  
  • How a simple, two-step formula provides a proven template for any advertising you do now or in the future.  

And, a lot more ...

How Advertising Works is a full introduction to the solution for instantly connecting with your audience at the most critical point in your entire advertising process - the first few seconds.

Before getting your own copy of the tutorial, take a few minutes to read my short, 3-page article entitled, "Your Audience Pyramid."  

Using the technique documented in How Advertising Works, it describes how you can engage much larger percentage of your advertising audience with a zero increase in your budget.

The entire principle is illustrated with a single diagram. At a glance, you will quickly see the huge, untapped potential that's just lying out there, waiting for you.

At the end of the article, I identify nature's most powerful force that will draw your audience in like a magnet. Even you and I are unable to resist it. 

Use this link to access the article: Your Audience Pyramid

Thank you for visiting. Let me know if you have any questions about anything you see here. 


Gary Blackman

P.S. The basic level of support has a one-time cost of only $79, which may be all you will ever need. Select the link above to learn how to engage a much larger percentage of your audience and give them a good reason why they should do business with you ... all without increasing your budget by a single dime!


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